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A friend of actress Daisy Donovan asked us to make her Driving Miss Daisy (her favourite film), so we worked some magic in to one of the many iconic car scenes from the film starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman, as well as the official movie poster

Driving Miss Daisy Car Scene - Jessica Tandy & Mor Driving Miss Daisy Car Scene - Daisy Beaumont & Mo Driving Miss Daisy Original Film Poster Driving Miss Daisy Film Poster - Daisy Beaumont

# Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman in one of the iconic car scenes

# Jessica Tandy had to get the bus that day so Daisy took over her place.

# Driving Miss Daisy original film poster (Morgan Freeman & Jessica Tandy)

# Driving Miss Daisy edited film poster (Morgan Freeman & Daisy Beaumont)