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By working with us you agree to abide by all of our terms and conditions.



We cannot be held responsible for any external links you decide to include on your website. People click links to external sites at their own risk. We can only be responsible for the content of your own site which we will advise throughout the process. Images of torture and abuse as well as content of a racial or religious abusive nature will not be permitted on your site.


Updating your website

All updates to your website will be implemented by Flintstone Web Design from information relayed to us by yourself the client as and when required. Updates to your website are charged according to agreement with individual clients.


Cancellations / refunds / payments

If you change your mind about your website after it has been designed and initially launched as 'live' you will have 10 days to inform us of cancellation during which time you will be offered a 50% refund. We believe that 10 days after a site has been launched given all the work that has gone into creating it, to be a very generous length of time for you to have come to this decision.  Cancellations after this 10 day period will result in no refund being offered.


If you fail to pay any update fees made to your site within 5 days of notification then your site will be temporarily locked and not accessible by any visitors to your website.


A penalty charge of £30 to reactivate any websites will come into effect for days 1-3 and after this point  rise to £50 if  paid within days 4-6. Websites will be held on our servers for a further 3 days after day 6, after which your website will be deleted permanently. (we hope it never results in this of course).


Buying and/or controlling your domain name.

If you want a website a domain name is essential to link your website to where it is held (hosted), but for your benefit we do not buy or control this. Being in control of your own domain name gives you freedom and options further down the line, reassuring you that we cannot do as some companies do – charge you if you choose to change web designers at some point in the future.


You will only need a domain name whilst working with us, we host all websites saving you more money. A standard domain name costs around £4-£5 a year. Do not let a domain name company offer you a hosting package as you simply do not need it if we are paying and hosting your website for you.

Terms and conditions

At Flintstone Web Design we take the issue of privacy seriously. We want to assure you that the security and confidentiality of personal information that you disclose whilst dealing with us will be respected. Policies governing the protection of privacy on our websites are strictly observed and enforced to ensure this.



We do not collect any personal information about those who visit our sites for browsing purposes only. You are free to visit our site without disclosing any personal information whatsoever.


Personal information is only recorded if the visitor sends an email message to us via their own email or enquiry form on the website.


Email and service enquiries

We recommend that web users send email messages to us as this is the fastest and most effective way to have their enquiries about our services addressed.


We retain copies of these email messages but the information provided will only be used to respond to the enquiry, to provide better customer service and/or to keep a form or record of our working relationship.


We prefer to deal with the same person if at all practicable throughout the design process from the initial consultancy to completion and payment thereafter.


Third Parties

Flintstone Web Design will not disclose your personal information (images, documents etc) to any third parties.

What sort of websites do you build?

We build all our websites in HTML5 so they view the same across various platforms.


Can I trust you?

Our previous clients can be contacted for any references, but bear in mind our celebrity clients and reputable companies would not commission a website with just anyone; what does that tell you?


Are your prices competitive?

Yes, very - we work hard to keep our overheads low so we can pass on these savings directly to you. A similar website with other companies would cost you a lot more.


Can I update my website myself?

The short answer is no; we hold all our clients websites on the same Moonfruit Sitebuilder server account. You would need in-depth knowledge of the software workings or you could end up causing harm to your site. We charge very reasonable rates for updates, even free for minor adjustments so there would be no need for you to put your site at risk by doing it yourself.


The Alternative would be to create a Moonfruit account at and we could then simply transfer the website to your account for your total control.

How do I book you?

Drop us an email for an informal introduction of what you require. We will

then reply and we can take it from there. We aim to respond to all emails

within 24 hours.


How do I pay?

We accept payment by cheque, cash, BACS or bank credit.


Do you build e-commerce sites?

We will build an-ecommerce site on the following criteria.

1. That you have a PayPal account and are familiar on how to use it.

2. That your e-commerce site is that of a small business size where products are under 25 items.


Do we have to meet?

No. If you prefer we can build your website simply via email and telephone exchange. We have built many sites through just email contact.

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